I got nothin’


It has been awhile since I have updated Twitter, Facebook or my blog. I am sure most of you haven’t missed me at all, but there are a few who have wondered I am sure. Alright you got me nobody has wondered why I haven’t updated anything in the social media realm for some time. There is so much noise on a daily basis there is no reason to think about why someone isn’t here unless you are stalking me. Are you stalking me? You are stalking me. Wow, I have a stalker. Oh wait, that was my shadow. Where was I, oh yeah updating social media…..

I have been contributing to my Twitter feed since December 11, 2007. I haven’t posted a whole bunch just under 5,000 tweets. Twitter would automatically update Facebook for me so I could be lazy and not have to post in both places. Since 2007, Google has tried to launch 2 different social media platforms, then Instagram came about and Path, and and and and. The number of social media outlets has increased so dramatically it is almost a full time job for an individual to keep up with.

As you go through all of these social media outlets a HUGE majority on the posts are all positive and happy posts. All of these people in social media are living their happy lives in their little houses made out of ticky tacky, little boxes on the hill side, little boxes all the same. As most of you know this is so far from reality. Some people end up living in Mexico and their son kills other people with a shovel and knocks them into pool. I don’t know who would do such a thing like that, but I guess something like that could happen. Most of us probably don’t live that dramatic of a life, thank goodness, but others of us do live a real life and do have many ups and downs we face.

The down side of life really isn’t brought out onto social media that much and if you stop to think about it I am kinda glad it isn’t. First off, I really don’t want to post a sad picture onto Instagram, Path, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and than turn around and talk about it with everyone I know. I might have started off sad, but now after making a post to all of these social media outlets I might as well post a video on YouTube on how depressed I am that feeds into all of my other social media feeds and the vicious cycle would just never end.

Next you have to think about the domino effect of posting something not so happy on social media. It starts with you and then your friends read it and they might be having a bad day as well. Then they post something not of the greatest, and their friends see it. Oh my, that wouldn’t be good. You would have all of these depressed people on social media. Actually, that might mean the end of social media as we know it. If everyone was just posting sad posts on all of their feeds, nobody would want to read sad posts, and they would never go back to social media again. Oh my this is disastrous. We cannot have something like this happening. We must all put on our shiny happy people holding hands faces and keep social media alive and kicking.

My whole point to this crazy nonsense post is for the last several months I have had nothin to post that wouldn’t bring down to whole social media craziness. Finding my shiny happy people holding hands face has been rather difficult. Things are starting to look up, there is a new chapter in my life about to begin. This new chapter brings a new house, spring fast approaching, a little girl that is absolutely amazing on every level, and just sparks of goodness shining through the clouds.

With all of this goodness shining through the clouds expect stupid pictures of me moving into my new house, walls being painted, food being grilled, and other stupid crap you would expect from shiny happy people holding hands. You have been fore warned and thanks for taking a minute or two to read this.

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Finding our groove at Yankee aka OMSI


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